How To Invest In Consistent Performance

Application Forms

1. First we conduct a standard FICA Risk Assessment.

Complete the applicable form below and email it with a copy of your ID to or call us on 021 685 2408.

Risk Questionnaire

Risk Questionnaire

More information on DPEPs, FPEPs and PIPs

2. Application Form

Once the assessment is complete, we will send you the Application Forms and FICA requirements.
Email the documents to, and we will submit them our administrator, Boutique Collective Investments (BCI) on your behalf.

Confirmation and Payment

Once BCI have completed their Due Diligence and confirm all is in order, we will send you the bank details for deposit. Unless you have chosen the once-off debit (lump sum) or monthly debit order option.

When we receive your proof of deposit, your account will be opened, and your funds invested. This usually take 1-2 business days.

Thereafter, you will receive an electronic Welcome Letter with your account details as well as your first statement.