Centaur Asset Management (Pty) Ltd – Intermediary Disclosure

Centaur Asset Management is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No: 647)

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Intermediary Disclosure

In terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) (ACT NO 37 OF 2002) the following information must be disclosed to clients and potential clients:

Centaur accepts responsibility for those activities performed by all its Representative that falls within the scope of, or in the course of implementing any such aforementioned contract.

Centaur holds the below‐mentioned FSCA licences and is authorised to provide financial services (advice and intermediary services) with respect to the products and sub‐categories:

Products Approved

Category DescriptionAdviseIntermediary
Long-Term Insurance: Category CXX
Retail Pension BenefitsXX
Pension Funds Benefits (excluding retail)XX
Securities and Instruments: SharesXX
Securities and Instruments: Debentures and securitised debtXX
Securities and Instruments: Warrants, certificates and other instrumentsXX
Securities and Instruments: BondsXX
Participatory interests in Collective Investment SchemesXX
CATEGORY II – Discretionary FSCA
Long-Term Insurance: Category CX
Retail Pension BenefitsX
Securities and Instruments: SharesX
Securities and Instruments: Debentures and securitised debtX
Securities and Instruments: Warrants, certificates and other instrumentsX
Securities and Instruments: BondsX
Participatory interests in Collective Investment SchemesX

If you have any enquiries, please contact the FSCA call centre ‐ 0800 110 443

Centaur has been accredited to market products from the following Product Suppliers, namely:

  • PSG Securities
  • Boutique Collective Investments
  • Allan Gray Offshore
  • Momentum Wealth
  • Swissquote

In terms of the Financial Intelligence Center Act (FICA), Centaur Asset Management is an accountable institution under law and as such, is obliged to report suspicious and unusual transactions that may facilitate Money Laundering, Terrorist Property Financing and the Proliferation Financing of Weapons of Mass Destruction to the authorities.

Centaur does not own more than 10 % of issued shares, directly or indirectly, of any Life Assurer or Financial Product Supplier.

Centaur is not an associated company of any Life Assurer or Product Supplier. Centaur has not earned more than 30% of total fees from any one supplier.

Centaur earns income from fees and may earn additional commissions, incentives, fees, rebates and fee reductions. These additional fees are disclosed to you, if applicable, or will be disclosed in your Mandate.

We market a select group of funds to our clients, two of which are our own Centaur unit trust funds, for which we receive a rebate that is disclosed to you. Our Centaur unit trust funds are attractive investments and their historic performance has been exceptional. (Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance).

Centaur has adopted a Conflict of Interest Management Policy and has a Gifts Register, details of which are available upon enquiry at our offices.

Centaur has adopted a Complaints Resolution Procedure which is available at our offices for your perusal. Should a complaint arise, it can be directed in writing to: admin@centaur.co.za

Centaur has Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of R45 million.

Centaur is aware that no FSP may request or induce in any manner a client to waive any right or benefit conferred upon a client in terms of the General Code of Conduct for Financial Service Providers and Representatives.

It is the client’s responsibility to notify Centaur of any changes to their personal circumstances that would affect their risk profile and investment horizon as stipulated in their mandate.

All information obtained or acquired from or about you shall remain confidential unless you provide written consent, or unless Centaur is required by law to disclose such information.

As an accountable institution in terms of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), Centaur is required to perform enhanced due diligence on all new clients as well as ongoing due diligence throughout the business relationship in accordance with FICA.

Moonstone Compliance (Pty) Ltd is the businesses compliance officer.

Moonstone Compliance can be contacted at:
25 Quantum street,

Telephone: +27 21 883 8000