Offshore Portfolio

Offshore Portfolio

This offshore portfolio is an individual share portfolio held in the clients’ name at Swissquote (Switzerland’s largest online stockbroker). Centaur has a full discretionary mandate to invest in a global portfolio of shares on behalf of the client. The minimum investment requirement is $400,000.


This portfolio is designed for an individual who seeks high dollar returns. Centaur’s net return objective is 10% p.a. over rolling 5-year periods.


80% MSCI World Index (M1WO); 20% Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index (LEGATRUU).


Ideal for the offshore investor with a long-term time horizon who seeks strong growth and has a high risk tolerance.


Fees (ex-VAT): A management fee of 1.25% per annum plus a performance fee of 20% above benchmark with a high watermark. The performance fee is calculated after deducting the management fee but prior to the deduction of performance fees.