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Balanced Portfolio

Fund Description:

The Balanced portfolio is designed for an investor who seeks long term market beating returns with a lower degree of volatility than an equity only portfolio.

In addition to a core portfolio of equities it also holds interest bearing instruments such as government bonds and listed property units.


32.5% ALSI (J203T); 32.5% FINDI (J250T); 30% All Bond Index; 5% cash.


Ideally suited to the retired individual or someone who intends retiring.


Fees (ex-VAT): A management fee of 2.0% per annum up to the first R1 million is charged and 1.5% for all amounts above R1 million.

Download Composite Details here (pdf):
Centaur Composite Performance Table.pdf

Balanced Composite vs Benchmark

As at: 30 September 2019 1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years Since
Centaur Balanced Composite 6.5% 5.7% 7.3% 15.0% 20.7%
Benchmark2 4.4% 5.4% 6.5% 11.6% 12.7%
Relative to Benchmark 2.1% 0.3% 0.7% 3.4% 8.0%
. . . . .
Std deviation3 – Balanced Composite 7.9% 6.9% 7.3% 7.8% 11.2%
Std deviation3 – Benchmark 8.8% 7.8% 7.8% 8.3% 10.6%
Source: Centaur, as at 30 September 2019.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. Investment performance is for illustrative purposes only and calculated by taking actual initial fees and ongoing fees into account for amount shown with income reinvested on reinvestment dates. Annualised return is weighted average compound growth rate over the period measured.