19 JANUARY 2017


19 JANUARY 2017


☆ The Centaur BCI Flexible Fund was the Best Performing Flexible Fund for the periods 5 to 10 years at 31 Dec 2016 - Moneymate

☆ The Centaur BCI Balanced Fund was the Best Performing Fund in its category (SA Multi Asset - High Equity) out of 136 Funds for 3 years to 31 Dec 2016 - Moneymate

☆ 2015 Morningstar Award - Best Flexible Allocation Fund 


Welcome to Centaur

Identifying great investment opportunities is not easy, however capitalising on these opportunities is the real test. Centaur Asset Management understands and embraces these challenges on your behalf.

Founded by Roger Williams in 2000, with the vision to create wealth and preserve capital. Centaur has adopted a conservative approach yet one that delivers outstanding performance with the utmost integrity. We have both impressed and increased our client base for more than a decade.

Performance drives the Centaur Team, as we continue to refine investment methodologies that consistently outperform in a competitive market.

Since inception the Centaur BCI Flexible Fund has outperformed its benchmark by 5.4% per annum (Source: Maitland at 31 Dec 16), being awarded a Raging Bull Award in December 2007. Whilst our managed portfolios have achieved gross returns in excess of 23% per annum (Source: Centaur at 31 Dec 16) since inception.

We take an immense amount of pride in protecting your money as if it were our own, and steadfastly believe in our ability to produce consistent, market beating returns using a systematic mind-set aided by our judgement honed through many years of experience.

We look forward to continuing in this vein for many years to come.